I paid $10 postage for an item that was delivered in a priority mail flat rate envelope that cost $5.95 on top of that when it was delivered I owed .35 more cents on it!! For what?

It was a flat rate envelope! I don't know if this was the post office or the companies fault but I paid double the postage to begin with.

Also they said my products would arrive in 10 days and if not that I should call. I got busy and didn't call for almost 3 weeks and the guy on the phone was very rude.

When I asked about my order he told me to "hold on" came back after a minute or two and said "Oh yea we were out of it, it will be shipped in a few days" and basically hung up. It did then arrive 3 days later.

I would think though when something is on back order or they are out of an item the least they could do is email and let the customer know. Like I said before I will look elsewhere next time before shopping with them again.

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