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Vitaglo buyers beware!

I placed an order for protein powder and creatine through Vitaglo. They sold it for a fantastic price so I didn't mind the terribly long wait to receive it in the mail.

After several weeks the package came but only the creatine was there with a note saying they would issue a refund to my credit card for the amount of the protein. I looked at all of the e-mails the company sent me and I discovered that I was never notified of the change. In fact, the last e-mail from them was a confirmation of shipment and it clearly stated that all items were on their way.

I called up Vitaglo and told the man my order number. He looked at my record and said "Sorry, it was no longer in stock" and then instantly hung up on me! I called him right back to confirm that I would receive my refund, as well as to tell him that I NEVER received a notification of the change in my order or a cancellation of the protein powder (which is annoying when you're waiting for a package for weeks). He didn't even let me finish the sentence before he interrupted me and speedily said, "It's busy in here. I have to go." AND THEN HUNG UP ON ME AGAIN!

I did end up receiving a refund for the protein powder but I doubt I will ever shop at Vitaglo again, regardless of how amazing the deals there might be.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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