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I ordered 7 cans of powdered goat milk. 5 arrived in fine condition, One can had a big dent. Another can's flip top aluminum lid had popped open and some of the powdered milk had spilled in the box.

I called and spoke to Mike. He said he would not send out one to replace the dented can. He said it says on their website that they are not responsible for dented cans. I never found that policy on their website. He said he would send one can to replace the one that had the lid that had popped open.

I called back 2-3 weeks or so later and told him I never received a replacement can. He said he'd send it out.

It's been a month since the last contact and I still haven't received the replacement can.

I had chosen Vitaglo because of their great prices but due to this past transaction I will no longer choose this company. Mike had also hung up on me because I may have raised my voice a little that he wouldn't replace both of the damaged cans.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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Please file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau at if enough of us file complaints he can get fines and eventually he can lose his business license. I also contacted my credit card company and they refunded my money and they are going after him for the payment.

I was sent vitamins that were a YEAR past the expiration date.

I called was told rudely fine we will send another one and got hung up on! Then I waited for the vitamins and nothing so I called back and the guy was rude yelling at me hanging up ect.


1/27/10 5:20 PM

I couldn't order because the man who picked up the phone repetively hung up on me. He also verbally insulted me when I tried to ask the questions related to my order. He was quite insane. I think he must be a scam or something. Stay away from this company.

I am also guessing that the excellent reviews are someone he knows or just himself, I read the other onlie reviews from another review site and 99% reflected my poor opinion of vitaglow.


:sigh I totally agree! I wish I would have found out about the awful owner, Mike, before spending quite a bit of money at Whats also disappointing is the fact that my vain attempts to send a complaint about the awful employee, were probably laughed at.

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