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I just had the worst experience ever with a company called Discount Natural Foods or Vitaglo as I bought from them online. I was a first time customer and it will be my last time! I bought vitamins and liquid soap and it came ontime but one of the vitamins was a YEAR past the expiration date. I called and was treated rude they said they would send another one. Well I waited them called back and asked if I could speak to the manager. The man said no and hung up on me! I called back and asked if there was anybody else I could talk to he said no so I started to tell him about the vitamins and he gets all rude, obnoxious, hateful and plain just crazy on me for no reason. Hello I'm the customer and this is how they treat customers! So he hangs up on me again. So I call again we yell cause I'm livid by this point people. Anyway what I did was call the BBB and what people need to do and I mean everyone of us that has had expired products and completely terrible customer service is to go to click on USA site if your from the US of course and get to file a complaint and please file a complaint on this company. I have ordered on line for years at many places and have not had this type of completely abusive treatment before and I will not take it from this ***. This man does not deserve to have a business. If enough of us file a complaint with the BBB he won't have a business much longer either. There is power when people work together. Please if you have had a problem with Vitaglow online name (Discount Natural Foods store in Syracuse,NY)lets join together and fight this man. Go to the and file a complaint. Also if you paid by credit card call your credit card company and they can help you get your money back. I just did this and my credit card company is crediting my accont and they are going after Vitaglow to get their money back from him. If he has enough complaints to the BBB he can get in a lot of trouble. Also he doesn't want to mess with credit card companies continually coming after him. The credit card companies are bigger and have more money and won't take his ***. The BBB is bigger than this guys company. We can if we work together put this ***hole out of business. Please help to do this this man is selling expired products that can kill people, make them very ill or least of not work for your health. Also he is just a terrible human being and needs to be held accountable for what he is doing.

Thank you my name is Julie and lets work together to make sure this man either shapes up his business or is run out of a business.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Here are a few facts about Vitaglo every buyer should know:

1) You are charged immediately after you place your order.

2) If an item is in stock, it will be shipped within two weeks.

3) If an item is not in stock, it will not be shipped and you will not be notified of when it is due in stock.

4) If you ask for a refund, he may say, "ok," but never process it.

5) If you call back about the refund, you will talk to Mike, who will tell you someone else (JoAnn) is handling the refund and that you have to call back during her hours.

6) The entire refund process can go on for weeks/ months before you get your refund, if you manage not to get pissed beforehand.

7) If you get emotional, Mike will then have a reason not to refund you. If you remain polite and persevere, you have a better chance of getting your refund. Remember this: Mike is hoping to *** you off, so he doesn't have to bother refunding you.

6) If you want a replacement item, it is basically the same process and you will most likely call them 20 times before getting the item if you ever get it or you will be told item was shipped.

7) If item gets lost in the mail, too bad, your loss.

So feel free to order from Vitaglo if you're OK with the rules/risks. The prices are good for some things, but not for everything. NOW products tend to be cheaper at Vitaglo, but Vitacost and iherb beat them by a long shot on herbs and other brands. Do your homework and avoid Vitaglo if you can... good luck!


"I got taken for $33.38 by these thief's and am still waiting for my refund from the order I placed June 4th 2012.I e-mailed and called.1st phone call he tells me he will send it by Wed. and hung up real fast. 2nd call he reads off my info and tells me he will call me right back=no call.I feel like getting all my friends to keep calling the toll free line just to make the *** pay and I am a Christian!

Discount Natural Foods

3990 New Court Rd.

Syracuse, NY 13206 866-401-5402"


Vitaglo charges your card and never sends your product. They should be shut down because they are a scam. Customer serrvice is rude, they just are criminals.


I've been ordering from Vitaglo for 7 years, maybe 2-3X each year. They prices are great when the items are in stock and orders get shipped within a reasonable amount of time.

Because the shipping is "free" for orders $50 and above, if an item is not in stock, your order will not be shipped until it is. It doesn't say so anywhere, but that's just how this company operates. It could be weeks, even months before the order is shipped out and nobody will call you to let you know. Mike is the owner, manager, sales, inventory/stock person, customer service, etc.

He wears all the hats, because he is too cheap to pay anyone else to do those jobs. I think once I called and a woman answered the phone, so I imagine he gets some assistance when he needs it, but she had no power to do anything except forward messages to Mike.

People continue to order from this company for its prices until something bad happens, but Mike doesn't have to give a ***, because there are millions of new people on the internet who have no prior experience with him and will take a chance with Vitaglo for the prices. He will be in business until someone hires an attorney for a class action lawsuit...


Just found this site. Also ripped off.

I'm out of state. Any options for me?


I have to agree with the other comments. I thought mike just worked there..horrified to find out he is the owner of the company.

I don't care how good his prices are..he is rude and irrigant.

I sent an order back, and he never refunded my my money. I had to call my credit card company.


Not only the BBB, but also call the Syracuse, NY Police Dept to file a fraud complaint!! It's idiots like him that will ruin it for other online retailers....


Wow, can't believe how rude and what lack of follow up there is at that company! I am not sure how they stay in business!

I have ordered with them many times and when they never shipped my order after countless times of calling all he could say was for me to be quiet and that he would send with a "I promise" and get it ready that very evening. Another couple of weeks and no order, he is such a scam artist. Basically it had been close to 2 months and no order he has finally credited my card but I think he was trying to have me forget about the order and keep the money!

On top of that he was upset with me with my last call! I agree with HC he is nuts!


I've ordered from them for about ten years, 2-3 times a year, and have never had any problem with them. They beat most online prices, not all, but most. I have no financial interest in the company, but hope they stay in business.


Yup he is nuts. Names Mike Schwarz and he yelled at me that I better not threaten him and hung up.

I called to ask where my order was, after three weeks of waiting. He would not even let me cancel it before he yelled and hung up on me. I have been a customer for 10 years. I cannot believe this nutball.

Unfortunately over the years they have screwed up my order about 30% of the time.

They have a very dishonest practice of advertising products they don't even sell. I intend to call my credit card company and file a complaint with and maybe his local bbb in Syracuse NY.


Thanks will change my order now

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