Calling nonstop, especially on business days (mondays seem to work best), off of a skype account, is pretty much the only way to guarantee a refund from this unstable thief "Michael Shwartz". Aside from contacting the attorney general's office, police, or directly to your credit card company.

Routinely charged for products not in stock and never sends products. Contacting will either get you verbal abuse, hung up on or downright ignored.

This man should be put out of business, jailed. Yes his prices are fair but not worth being treated as if it is a privilege to receive the products I've been charged for.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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the only way to get anything from this guy is go into the store, warning it is kind of a dumb, but there are other customers there, he has a lot of cop friends, so he probably get away with a lot more of dishonesty because so many Syracuse cops, they go into the store and purchase directly, I don't think he will screw with the cops! Go in with a list exactly what you want and pay cash, never give him your credit card..

and if he doesn't have the stuff (often usually stuff he doesn't have) I get only a common product and stock up a couple times a year..some of the stuff is covered with dirt it has been there so long... gross...

anyway, don't buy on line from him.. don't give him your credit card number..

Perry, Oklahoma, United States #833867

I recently tried to order from there but my card kept getting denied. I called em asking why it was denied and some lady ran my card and told me to call my card company and I did.

There was a block on my card and the block got lifted. I didn't call them back to ask them to run my card again. Instead I went with another company. Yesterday I checked my card and they ran my card and took the money w/o my permission.

How do I get my.money back? How did you get your Mo.eyes back

When I called up there the first time I was hung up on and the 2nd time this guy was mean and said I should be receiving my order and I told him I didn't want it and they took my money and he told me to send the order back and he will put my.money back on my card. He stole from me. What do I do?

Please someone contact me on fb under summer Merrick.

I need help. Single mom of 3 on disability

Brevard, North Carolina, United States #790983

I opened a Paypal dispute. Ill get my money back but only since paypal has control.

This Mike guy is a real piece of work. A THIEF.

Never sends products and tries to steal your money DO NOT BUY FROM VITAGLO!!! I wish i had read the reviews before hand.

A real rude piece of *** he is.

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