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Seriously, I have been ordering product from Vitaglo for months now since the prices were SO good, but I recently had a terrible experience that deserves remarks. I called in regards to a delay in shipment and got some guy who asked me to "hold please" in no nice tone of voice, and then never came back!

I called again and came to find out my ordered product was on back order. Did the website tell me that? NO! I had to call to find that out!

Then he proceeds to tell me he would ship out what was "in stock"....fine. He told me it would be delivered in a few days and then....wait for it.....NO SHIPMENT! I called AGAIN to see what the h** was taking so long!! The guy HANGS UP ON ME!

SO I call back again. I ask to speak to a manager "there is no manager here" he tells me....delay in silence. So I proceed to tell him that I have a question in regards to shipment and he HANGS UP!!! RUDE A**!!

I call back again and say " just hung up on me" and he says "well you asked if we have a manager and I said no! What do you want!?". Shocked I proceed to say "Look are you a legitimate company or what?!" and then I say "how many people do you have in your office??" He says to me..."how many people do you have in your house?!" and then hangs up again!!! Can you believe this guy?!

I have been giving them money for months and this is what I get for "customer service?!" "EFF YOU" big New York A** H***!!

I will NEVER send my money their way again! I advise others to do the same!!

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I have had the same experience as the first writer above. Delay in shipment, back order and I had to make 3 phone calls.

I received my order a month later, minus one product which says it shipped on the same day and same tracking number as the rest of the order. When I tried to get an explanation I was spoken to very rudely "We've told you the same thing 6 times, what else do you want?" and he hung up on me. I called back and asked for a manager - he said "we don't have a manager, how can I help you". I said "I don't appreciate getting up on when I am just trying to get information".

He said "Sorry about that" and hung up again.

Terrible customer service. I won't be ordering from them again - even though there prices are really good.


Customer service is a JOKE. I ordered product and received a receipt.

Told it would be shipped in 24 hours. Nothing happened on the credit card or shipping status. I emailed about 10 days later, no response. Finally over 2 weeks later my order was cancelled, no explaination.

I sent another email, no response so I called. Got an extremely rude man. He said the product wasn't available and I asked why it was still on the website. He asked if I wanted a fight and HE HUNG UP ON ME!

And this is good customer service???? DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.


I'm so glad I looked these comments up. I called them this morning to place an order, because I didn't see anything that said this was a secure sight, so I decided to call.

I called a man answered and I told him I wanted to place an order and then he was gone. He was very hard to understand and I have no idea what he said. Who runs this company?

Does Vita Glo company know what this off spring company is doing to there name. Some one needs to step in.


"Be Very Leary of Vitaglo"! I will never order from them again!

Received my "DAMAGED" shipment today and called them right away. A very rude man answered.. I stated I wanted to talk to the person who handles damaged shipments. There was a very long pause and after me asking is there anyone there several times, he finally came back on the phone.

I then told him again I wanted someone who handles damaged shipments. Again in a very rude voice he asked my order # and asked what the problem was. When I began telling him the problem he told me there is "no way" my shipment was damaged. I explained to him that a cleaner I ordered was all over inside of my shipping box and has ruined the products and also removed labels from some of the products.

I explained to him that I re-sale merchandise and his response was "we do not support re-sale of our product! I started to explain that is doesn't matter if it is for re-sale purposes or not; my shipment is definitively damaged and because it was a cleaner that was exposed to products that would be taken internally or applied to the skin I could not trust the safety of the other products. He again hung up on me!!! Called him back again...he stated there was no way my whole shipment was damaged.

Well, that was not what I was telling him....He said send me an email with the for sure damaged products or call me back...Then again hung up on me! I have contacted my credit card company and UPS with my complaint! As of yet he has not responded to my email. I also plan on reporting him to the Better Business Bureau of New York!

So much more to explain, but will save myself before I get angered all over again. I think you get the just of my complaint with Vitaglo...Please do take caution when dealing with this company!!! Oh, let me just add; my packaged was stuffed with shredded store add flyers. Only a few glass containers were wrapped in bubble material.

I also plan on contacting the companies of the products he is re-selling and let them know how he is running his business. Hopefully this will prevent him buying from the wholesale in the future. Hmmm wonder if he told those companies he was re-selling their products?? Bet his shipment was received in a proper manner!!

Need I say more!!

Don't ever order from VITAGLO! :cry

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