My story is similar to many I've read on this board about VitaGlo. Ordered four 16 oz. bottles of Barlean's Flax Oii. When the order arrived, (it was a timely delivery) it contained two 16 oz. bottles, and two 12 ounce bottles, ie. it was 8 oz. short. I called immediately and was transferred to someone (I'm assuming now it was the owner as when I called later and asked for a supervisor I got the same person and he identified himself as the owner) and was told they would ship out an 8 oz. bottle right away. That was on 7/16/10.

Called again on 8/5/10 gave them my order number and was told they were out of 8 oz. bottles but would send one as soon as they received shipment of the 8 oz bottles.

Called on 8/13/10 and was told that they had mailed it on Thursday, 8/12/10 and I should receive it by Monday or Tuesday, 8/16 or 8/17.

Called on 8/18/10 and asked for a supervisor and was told I was speaking to the owner. I began the conversation by saying - "You've been jerking me around since 7/16" and he immediately hung up on me. Called right back and began the second attempt with "You just hung up on me" to which the owner responded "Hey speak to me like a human being - I don't have time for this "jerking me around stuff..." I explained the situation and he reiterated the bottle had been mailed on 8/12/10 as he had told me before. I did get the bottle - it was a 16 oz. bottle not the 8 oz. bottle VitaaGlo had been "waiting on." So after a month of frustration I actually came out 8 oz. of flax oil ahead of what I had ordered, BUT I was left with the feeling that if I had not been all over this like a dog on a bone I may not have gotten a favorable result. Secondly, THE OWNER HUNG UP ON ME - that's just nuts - plain nuts. I'm guessing this behavior is a result of stress from too many disgruntled customers...or maybe he was born rude...but I doubt it.

So here's my "for what its worth". In general I think VitaGlo has order processing/fulfillment issues. In this instance they ran out of the 16 oz bottles and substituted two 12 oz bottles and hoped it would go unnoticed, and it almost did due to the human eye and how it functions. A better approach would have been to ship three 12 oz bottles (three 12's in place of the two 16's) right away and not try to "get by". I'm thinking VitaGlo's margins are very tight as their prices are quite low, leading to increased pressure to "get by" when fulfilling orders. By trying to "get by" with me it cost them an extra 8 oz of flax oil and $7 to mail it which is probably most if not all of their profit on this order. The entire process left me wondering if doing business with them is worth the hassle. Prices are great, customer etiquette and order fulfillment need work.

I hope the owner reads this and takes it as it was meant - constructive criticism, Not Bashing. Satisfy the customer on the front end - it will save a ton of headaches on the backend of these deals.

I'll probably order from them again because as I said the prices are very good - but if another order gets fouled up my response will be the same...nag nag nag... and it'll cost them more in the end.


P.S. I'm not a big fan of sites like these - because any whiner can come on here and make claims of fraud etc... when the truth is probably more like "good help is hard to find", "we tried to get by", "we're completely up to our eyebrows in gators and people keep wanting us to drain the swamp too" etc... And in order to respond to these complaints the companies criticized here would have to hire a full time employee, and then pay this site at least $99 a month to post responses. Hardly seems fair since my complaint was totally free to post. So, keep it fair - don't assume people/companies are trying to *** until its an undeniable fact, and with this owner understand he's on the ragged edge so be polite even if he has a hard time with the concept. In the end he did make this right.

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