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To all those that complained about the "manager", he is actually the owner and his name is Mike. He is the only 1 "allowed" to answer the phones and is very rude to almost everyone. He has a very bad reputation in this small city and is called "dirty Mike" as his personal hygiene is extremely poor, although he is reputed to be a millionaire for his many years of running health food stores with a lack of business ethics.

I hate to spend my money there and order from Swansons as often as I can because I dont want to give any of my hard earned money to this "crook". I get very angry when I hear how he has treated some of you via mail order, and I wish more customers would forgo the lure of his prices because he is such a scrondrel...undeserving of loyal customers of which he has little..or NO respect for.

If you were to visually see this man you may think he is in fact homeless because he obviously dosnt believe in the products he sells, especially the hygiene products.

But of course, all these complaints amount to nothing if people still continue to shop from this business. I say let everyone make formal complaints to agencies that can legally do something about his business ethics.

Isnt selling expired and damaged goods illegal?

And as one last note..I have heard this man on the phone with customers and it disgusts me that he has any business the way he treats people?

SWANSONS is a great company...great service, prices and excellent products.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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I ordered 2 items, multiple units, because of very attractive prices. No mention of out of stock item until the order showed up missing the 4 units of 1 item.

Item was marked backordered (handwritten) on receipt that came with order. After 6 days I e-mailed and no response so I called a few days later and either got hung up on or put on hold, very abruptly. Called back and inquired about backordered item and he said he would call me back after he checked on it. He never called.

Waited a couple of days and called again and the same thing, abruptly put on hold or hung up on, not sure which because I didn't wait long.

To say he is rude with poor customer service skills would be true but after reading many of these reviews, that description would be almost too kind.

I really think this guy, who is obviously the owner because no rational business owner would have this guy working the phone, must have some real mental health issues. I will seek a refund through Paypal and count myself lucky that he doesn't have any credit card info.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #714691

I was pleased until there was a problem with my order and had to call and talk or shall I say get rudely abused by Michael the owner.


"This company is so terrible it made me laugh.

Yahoo asked me to rate this seller. So I did.

I mentioned that the site is very much not user friendly, I didn't receive a confirmation email at all and I wasn't able to log back into my account on their site. So I call the number at the top. The first time I was hung up on, but I figured it was mistake (you know, give him the benefit of the doubt) So I called back and asked how I can log into my account and where my purchase was (it has been over 2 weeks after all) So he looked me up and said my order was canceled because I gave him a bad review! Keep in mind this was minutes after the review was submitted.

I couldn't believe it!

So I told him to have a good day and I'll take my business elsewhere.

After I purchased what I needed at a more reliable website, I received my order from Vitaglo (the canceled order) and my order from Vitacost... on the same day! So now I have double the products and on top of that I ordered a food product that expired over month BEFORE I placed my order!

Pretty ridiculous if you ask me!



This person , Mike I guess his name is, just lost it on me as well . He started screaming at me when I asked the status of an order from him .

He is excessively rude .

Honestly do not buy from these people even though its cheaper , unless you like to give your money to very assinine individuals . What he just did to me was uncalled for completely


I have also been an avid buyer from Vitaglo for at least 3 years. I have never had any trouble with them either. Alway shipped on time and contained all the things I had ordered.

UNITIL, my most recent order. I purchased a few different products from him, nothing out of the ordinary. After not receiving them within the first 4 days (which all of my packages have arrived in) I checked my order status online. The statues and tracking areas on the online form were left blank. I immediately emailed my concern.

After not hearing from anyone for several days I then found the number and called and met "Mike." From the instant I called I felt as if he had little to no concern for customers. I sat on hold for a few minutes the first time without any warning so I hung up and called again.

I then went on to explain the reasoning for my call and he claimed that he had simply forgot something?? Without any explanation, or without giving me time to respond he claimed the order would be there by Friday and hung up the phone. I figured I'd forget about the poor customer service because at the time I had just thought he was a guy having a bad day and I have never had any problems with him before.

Well Friday roles around, no order. I call at 5 at night and once again speak with the oh so courteous Mike (sarcasm). Mike once again claims that my order should have arrived already and continues on to say he will call to see what the hold up is and call me right back and then once again immediately hangs up the phone. Again.

After receiving no call Friday night I called him first thing this morning (saturday). Of course who do I get?! MIKE! With his great customer relation skills. I once again ask about my order which he quickly responds with, "we had to credit your order." WHAT?! Was my initial response, after waiting 13 days I feel as if I could have made these products myself. I ask him why? and why he claimed that it had been shipped on Wednesday? and why he failed to call me back last night.

His response, "I thought I had shipped it Wednesday. We were backed ordered on dextrose. And I didn't call you back because I had credited your order. Sorry. Good bye." and then I was left all alone on the phone once again.

I cannot believe that he has been able to keep business. I was in the same boat and all for Vitaglo until I dealt with Mike. I am at a loss for words but will no longer be ordering from Mr. Mike.


The guy's a real *** and a scoundrel. For those who've had good service with him, you probably ordered something in stock and popular.

Never do business with this guy. The negative reviews are OVERWHELMING!


I have been a customer of Vitaglo for about 10 years. I recently placed an order on 10/7/10 1 item was on back order and the Nutritional Yeast had worms in it.

I contacted Mike and he stated that when I make my next order he'll replace the items. I told him this was completely unacceptable and it's not according to their stated policy on the website. I ended up calling 3 times for about a month. He then changed his tune by saying that the items were shipped to me 2 weeks ago.

I waited another 2 weeks and still nothing was received. Well what do you know I made an order on 11/5/10 and added a note about the replacement of the NY and other 2 items, I got the order on 11/10/10 and there was no replacement. I called him to compain and he stated "look we're not doing business with you anymore o.k." and hung up on me.

BEWARE. This man is a theif and doesn't care about doing the right thing.


10/20/2010 Well Nasty, dirty Mike hung up on me today when I expressed my concern for not getting notice that 1/2 of my order had been backordered. It would have been nice to find this out early on via their automatic computer system.

Very disappointed to find this out after I waited to receive the shipment and open it up.

Before he hung up on me, yes...he hung up on me...he said: "if you don't want to buy from us again, that is fine" and slammed the phone down. Geez, what a fast-talking northern luny-tunes!


I too became quite worried when, after 9 years of good service, an order was extremely delayed, and correspondence was brief. I was swayed by the comments and wrote a nasty email...

only to learn that my order had already shipped, except for the product they were waiting on. Since they dno't charge for shipping, i can see where they'd want to wait til the whole order could be delivered. However they went ahead and sent what they had. The back-ordered item has been delivered.

I've never had a nasty conversation or email from "Mike." Can't say the same about myself. I've never been sold out of date stuff, or had any other complaint about anything I've got from them. It's a shame that some people have had bad experienes and that they were not resolved properly.

But I think most people have no problems. I'm sticking with them.


:) I was really worried after reading these reviews but have ordered from Vitaglo for two years now and each order has been shipped promptly and complete in every respect. I have no idea why there are such problems with other customers.

to edtennis #853623

Try call there and asking a question about your order. Then see how you feel about it.

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