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This guy doesn't value even his most loyal customers! I spent over $1000 with Vitaglo in the last year and half and I never had a problem...

until my most recent order. I was charged the day after I placed my order and it took 2 weeks and multiple inquiries to get my shipment. Because of the delay, I ended up needing to return a few items (about $20 worth). I sent back the items and 2 weeks after they were received I had not gotten my credit.

So I called to follow up. I was told they would credit my account. However- get this- I was also told (in a very impolite way) that my business was no longer welcome. Apparently, the guy was upset that I was making a return for what he considered to be a negligible amount of money but considering I am (well...was) a long time customer that has never returned anything before.

Plus-- you would think that in today's economy, he wouldn't be turning away future business (let along judging his customers for what they chose to return while complying with his store policy). Funny that he's the one who is upset after I'm the customer that had all the issues who said nothing to warrant such a response. Frankly, I'm still in shock but I will HAPPILY take my business to another online merchant who have seamless, streamlined processes and are friendly, helpful and appreciate their customers. There are SO MANY of them out there!

Please do the same. This guy doesn't deserve or appreciate your business.

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