Chittenango, New York

I have had nothing but excellent service from VitaGlo. I have known Mike, the proprietor, since 1988 when he opened his first walk-in store.

I have found him to be very friendly, personable and willing to bargain. Of course, anyone who works as hard as Mike is bound to pick up a little dirt. Giving you a good deal is what counts and Mike goes out of his way to please his customers. I now live a distance from the warehouse and order online.

The order always arrives the next day in good condition and exact measure. Hats off to "Dirty Mike"!

Reason of review: On time delivery.

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that's b#$^&*()! maybe you are a friend , a liar or paid by him, he never sent back my money or sent the order! I pray that he change his evil ways!!!!!


He's an A.H. in the third degree.

He's lucky I'm a long way from N.Y. or I'd stop by and give him the knuckle sandwich he deserves.


Dude. Nobody believes you.

Yes, their prices are good, but everything else sucks and they obviously lie a lot of the time about when orders ship.

I've been hung up by them a bunch. The bottom line is their prices are worth the risk of getting screwed from time to time, but don't feed us BS about how great they (Mike) is.


this guy is probably Mike. This guy needs to go to prison.

He's committing so many offenses, wire fraud I would think. This is an inter-state commerce issue.

why isn't the FBI busting this guy. This *** should be in prison.


I think you're insane, you must be too incompetent to know what good customer service is like. When someone completely refuses to take responsibility for their mistakes, is that good customer service?

No. When someone hangs up repeatedly on a customer, that is also terrible customer service. Many, many reviews stating they didn't get their product(s) or money back, even worse customer service. I also work for a vitamin company answering customer service phone calls, and I wanted to check this place out for their prices.

I was happy with the prices, but when I called to verify a price online I got a rude response and hung up on multiple times. That's cool that he works hard.. good for him.

He can *** a fat one because his customer service and his whole company sucks. I will be in the crowd cheering when he gets shut down for FRAUD!

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