On July 15, 2012, I placed an order for 14 different Mrs. Meyers cleaning products online with Vitaglo.com.

On July 18, I received the entire order all intact and complete as ordered! All bottles had been taped over with clear shipping tape so no product could spill out during shipping. Everything was padded with newspaper and packed well. I was actually shocked that I received the order, because several days after I placed it, I went online to look at reviews of the company and saw so many complaints that I geared myself up for a big fight with the company.

Normally, I would thoroughly research a company before ordering from them, but I was desperate to get the products since I could no longer find them in my local area stores, and they were having an unbelievable sale on the site and carried everything I was looking for. Also, if I ordered $50 worth, the shipping was free. So I got out a copy of my order that I had printed from the website and noticed that they said they would send me confirmation email. I frantically did a search on my email for Vitaglo and Discount Natural Foods, but found nothing from them.

Then I remembered that I payed through PayPal and checked their site to be sure that I would be covered if something went wrong, and luckily they have a Purchase Protection policy, so I wasn't as worried, but still wasn't looking forward to "duking it out" with the owner. I was just about to call the company to see if they shipped my order, when I noticed an email from UPS regarding a tracking number. Upon opening it, I was shocked to see that not only had the order been shipped a day after I placed it, but it had already been delivered to my workplace. So I ran over to work, picked it up, unpacked it and was pleasantly surprised!

It was all good!

So, the only complaint I would have is that I never received the confirmation email from Vitaglo as was promised, but I could care less since I got everything I ordered intact and really quickly (and really cheap)! I do not recall asking UPS for a tracking email, but since I did pay through PayPal; perhaps it was that site that I requested the tracking, but honestly don't remember.

I don't know if it was because I paid through PayPal that I got such good service, but I would honestly not think twice about ordering from Vitaglo again. I would recommend that everyone use the PayPal service when ordering online if the site gives you that option, because as I mentioned earlier, their Purchase Protection ensures that you will not lose any money if something goes wrong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vitaglo Shipping Service.

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We have been like clockwork, all orders

delivered on time and the gear is exceptional...

the consistency is beyond description! Nothing but

great service Our shipping and delivery are 100% free

and very convenient.



Same thing happened to me on the first few orders, but they'll get you at some point if you keep ordering from them. I think that's why their prices are low, they get it back by ripping people off.


I agree, if you use Paypal and don't receive your order within a month or received partial order, file a dispute immediately. Sometimes you're lucky and you get your order, but you can't count on "luck" when you're paying good money for something you expect to receive!

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