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I had a bad experience with Vitaglo. I ordered an item 2 weeks ago and still haven't received the item.

I called several days ago to inquire about the status. He was not sure why it was not shipped yet and told me it will be delivered in 3 days. After the 3 days came and went, I did not receive the package. I called again.

He did not know why it hasn't shipped yet. AGAIN. I asked a simple question, "How do you not know?". At this point, I wanted to cancel my order.

He said I should be "lucky" he is answering calls and I need to email regarding cancellations. I was very frustrated at this point and raised my voice while asking for this "email". He yelled back screaming " Do not yell at me!!" .

While I was asking for this email, he asked me to apologize before he would give me the e-mail. This guy is insane; so unprofessional, it's ridiculous.

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Yup, I called today to check on an order placed april 2. I was not even allowed to speak to him.

He cut me off before I could get two words out of my mouth that I wanted to cancel and then hung up on me. The only thing I was able to give him was my name and order number then he went ballistic and said it shipped today (yeah I heard that one before) and that I better not threaten him and he hung up. Mike Schwarz is his name and he is friggin nuts.

I am calling my credit card company tomorrow and filing an official complaint with the bbb.org. Oh and I have been a customer about 10 years.

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