Do Not BUY FROM THIS SELLER. The owner sent me 8 lbs.

of protein powder that had an expiration date that came due 20 days after I received the product. When I called him he said the expiration date didn't really mean anything. He also said the product is good because it has not expired yet. How do you eat 8 lbs of proteoin powder in 20 days?

I told him that I did not want to pay the postage to have the product sent back. He said that was my only option and hung up the phone on me. He has a ton of bad reviews on the net. Call your credit card company and dispute the charge if you are in a similar situation.

There is a 6-8wk.

time fram before he will be paid. How can this guy be in business...unreal.

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Please go to www.BBB.org and file a complaint with the BBB. Also if you paid by credit card have your credit card take the dispute, they will credit your account and go after the guy for the money back.

This is what I am doing because the person that runs Vitaglo is a pathetic rude ***. I received vitamins from him that were a year past the expiration date and called and got hung up on and yelled at ect.


I too bought a large quantity of one item from vitaglow, I bought 20 boxes of medical herbal tea. I received my shipment quickly enough bot 12 of the boxes had a expression date in less than 3 weeks!

There is no way I can drink 12 boxes of tea (192 tea bags) in under 3 weeks! So I called vitaglow. I spoke to a guy ( I think it was Mike) and as soon as he figured out I was an unhappy customer I was put on hold for 5 minutes! He comes back to the phone barking at me!

He says that the expiration date means nothing it is still good, tea can't go bad ( it is medicinal tea) and if I don't like it send it back, at my cost! Then he hung up on me!

Obviously customer service is not a priority at vitaglow! I am gone gone gone.

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