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I have been a long term customer of this business with no problem. The first time I had a problem was when they sent me the wrong product. I emailed and got no answer. I called and the owner kept talking over me and interrupting. I said he needed to be more customer service oriented. HE HUNG UP ON ME. I called back and started explaining the discrepancy which also involves his website and he said ' I DON'T HAVE TO HEAR ALL THIS , JUST GET... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 03
  • #930101

Geez the guy's not that bad. I've ordered from them several times with no problem. This last time however turns out product was out of stock and unavailable from mfg. Before I could ask he says "I'm just going to refund your card and if it comes in later , we'll send you an e-mail. Sounds like this whiner has an attitude himself.

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Ordered a product and vitaglo shipped wrong product. I called to get the matter resolved and they stated they packaged the product correctly. They told me to send back wrong product and instructed me to use cheapest method possible to return with no tracking insurance etc. I feared they would say they didn't receive it and then I'd be out even more money. I am now disputing claims with my credit card company. BUYER BEWARE! I will NEVER... Read more

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Ordered Accelerade from them. Place a call 12 days after order to find out why online order status showed no action. Rep who answered phone was abrupt, cutting me off before I half finished why I called, simply asking for my zip code. After I gave him that, he verified my name then quickly put me on hold. When he came back on he said he was going to credit my card because they could no longer get the product. The advertised price was great but... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 17
  • #902463

They are the worst company dont get taken in by there low prices. Customer service is non existant for a lack of better words they are dickheads!!

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Hi I found this site on an Internet search. Ordered through them because they end up being cheaper than the usual site I use. Well that was a big mistake. Placed my ordered on 8/4/16 & had to call them to see where my order was. He said they where having trouble getting one of my items. Never noticify me. So when I called he said the order didn't go out and was going to credit me and said thanks and hung up on me. That is not how you run a... Read more

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Never do business with this company, very rude and ignorant, company should be shut down, i will let everyone know on twitter and facebook my experience with this *** and never to give him your business. I wanted info on some kale and he was very short and rude on phone like i was bothering him, i think he needs counseling or anger management. He hung the phone up on me and i called back and had words with him and he hung up again, he is not... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 24
  • #853742

Horrible!! Rude. No tracking number and no way to communicate.

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I placed and bought 1 order of 3 boxes protein bars and received another order and charged for that other order under my wife's name.Called Customer service and He told me that the problem was on my end and if I returned the order they would charge me shipping and a restocking fee, so I should just keep it.My email only said that I ordered one under my name.I won't order ever again and they lost a customer.It's a bit rude to accuse me for the... Read more

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I can't believe the Attorney General or Federal Trade Commission hasn't shut this crooked operation down yet! Vitaglow and it's owners are nothing more than small-time *** men with no regard to morals or anyone but themselves. They will bill you immediately upon placing an order but will never send you the product. In addition, they will always show to have plenty of whatever you request in stock but never really do...why tell the truth when... Read more

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